Useful links

For meeting locals/travelers: – the hospitality website (you find people to stay with or meet) with most users, although I prefer: – because it is open source – very good hospitality website for travelers

Other online community websites according to your interests.

Searching for flights/travel deals/transportation: – my favorite website for searching for flights. Google bought it and this is what google flight is based on but the original has more functionality. However it is not enough as it doesn’t show all options. Other flight search websites I like:,, and the rest of the bunch.,,

Go to an airport’s website, see what airlines (including charter airlines) fly there and check their websites for promotions – hitchhiking info

Travel info: – a good forum, sometimes the group discussions on couchsurfing are better though – open source maps, OSMAnd is the best Android app for maps


Travel blogs: – Bulgarians don’t travel enough but this girl is definitely an exception


Other: – my favorite weather website – Persian classes

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