13553537_l_fc9957af3e22ae5d444fed815930fa07Finally! I am entering the blogosphere once again and this time I am planning to stay. I used to have a blog once, I updated it twice. Lately many people have asked me to write memoirs (in at least 13 volumes to beat Casanova’s 12), a book or just some descriptions on my facebook photos, once in a while. So I decided to write a blog instead.

In this blog I am going to write about everything. The sky is the limit. Of course I will be writing a lot about my travels, but also politicslinguistics and everything else I think of. I will be writing mostly in English, but also in Bulgarian, depending on the topic. Occasionally I might post in another language. I know it might look weird to write the same blog in at least two languages (I know people who panic when they see the Cyrillic alphabet), but you will have to deal with it. We live in a diverse world. You can use Google Translate – it is good enough to get an idea of what a blog post is about.

One thing I dislike about blogs is how older posts remain so much behind that they get lost with time. So I have tried to organize this blog as well as possible. Use the category links or the tags to the right to read all posts on certain topics.

Happy reading!

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