How can I travel so much?

This is probably the most frequently asked of the FAQs. I am not rich! There are no sugar daddies, no sugar mommies, no rich-uncles-in-America-noone-knew-of-who-suddenly-die-and-leave-me-everything etc. involved. But, more importantly, I have no debts whatsover, no car, no house, no mortgage, no children and, last but not least, nothing better to do but travel. And I don’t waste money when I travel. Travelling slowly and being flexible saves a lot of money.

I work as a freelancer and I can do my job from anywhere where there is internet connection (I am a digital nomad!). Nowadays internet connection is easier to find than ever.

After all, it is all a matter of priorities. My priority now is to travel. When I have another priority, my lifestyle will change. There are two sides to everything.

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