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Low Cost Transatlantic Flights?

Wowair of Iceland made it to the news by offering cheap flights between New York/Baltimore and Iceland/Europe. From $150 one way between the USA and Iceland and from $195 one way between the USA and Europe. I had been waiting for a while for them to start flights to North America. Wowair’s predecessor, Iceland Express, used to do the same run but then stopped operations. Still, I am not holding my breath since those promotional fares are usually quite limited and the normal fares are nothing to write home about, but they have regular promotions so it’s good to subscribe to their newsletter.

Wowair’s flights are not such a big deal compared to Norwegian’s regular fares of around $200 one way between California and Scandinavia on the Dreamliner.

Not too bad for $200 one way, FREE WIFI INCLUDED!!! on Norwegian Air.
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Norwegian’s long-haul flights have already been operating for a while. Norwegian has been (more…)