Mobile internet on the road

I always try to buy prepaid SIM cards in the different countries I visit. I hardly ever use them for calling but in most countries you get pretty good rates for mobile internet.
– Croatia: you get 4 GB for €12
– Argentina: you get unlimited(!) mobile internet for the day for just 1 peso (around 10 cents)
– Chile: Virgin Mobile: 2 GB for $12
– Iceland: 5 GB for €16
many other countries have similar prices.
Recently I read that some German operator is even offering its subscribers free mobile internet even while roaming in the EU/EEA.
So things are developing quickly.
Bulgaria is lagging far behind. The only “deal” for a prepaid card I could find was 500 MB for €10. I didn’t buy it. There is free wifi virtually everywhere in Bulgarian cities.

So next time you travel abroad, consider buying a prepaid card for your smartphone. If your smartphone is locked, unlock it before you leave.

Mobile coverage these days is very good in some countries. There were places in Bolivia with no water or power supply but good (well, 2G) mobile coverage.


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